Society for Hong Kong Studies (SHKS) is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent professional association based in Hong Kong. Formed in 2017 by more than 250 academics in 21 countries, the SHKS serves as a global platform for the multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional study of Hong Kong.

Our main objective is to facilitate local and international dialogues and collaborations among scholars and students of Hong Kong history, politics, society and culture. Through building a scholarly community across the social sciences and the humanities, we also hope to encourage the development of new theories, concepts, and methods of studying Hong Kong, its relations to China, Asia and beyond.

As an official affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies, SHKS has developed collaborative relationships with other initiatives devoted to Hong Kong Studies. These include the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Studies Initiatives at the University of British Columbia, and the Academy of Hong Kong Studies at the Hong Kong Education University.

AAS Receptions and Panels
As an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies, SHKS will sponsor Hong Kong-focused panels and organize receptions during its annual meetings in North America and Asia. Members are welcomed to form panels and send their proposed panels to the SHKS for sponsorship.
Interinstitutional Collaborations
SHKS will collaborate with other local and overseas institutions sharing our mission of promoting Hong Kong Studies. These collaborations will take the form of joint organization of conferences, workshops and lecture series. We have most recently co-organised a Forum on the Political Economy of China-Hong Kong Relations during the Trade War with the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong in January 2019.
Work-in-Progress Workshops
Work-in-Progress Workshops provide a supportive and stimulating platform for SHKS members to obtain feedback on their work from fellow academics regardless of disciplines and institutional affiliations. Each workshop will feature a small numbe­­r of works-in-progress, which will be circulated before the meeting to a limited number of pre-registered participants. You are very welcomed to submit works-in-progress of all types, including short think pieces, book chapters and articles.
Thematic and Methodological Workshops
SHKS will invite senior scholars from overseas and local universities to offer short-term intensive workshops targeting junior faculties and graduate students. These workshops will be organized around a substantive field or a research methodology and their application to Hong Kong Studies. Please stay tuned for regular announcements of our thematic and methodological workshops.
Public Lecture Series
SHKS will organize public lectures gearing toward a lay audience and given by an individual or a panel of scholars on all fields of Hong Kong studies. Topics will range from history, literature, films, media, pop culture, sports to economics, law, criminal justice, social policies and politics. Public engagement between the Hong Kong public and the academic community is mutually beneficial as it keeps the public informed and academics grounded. SHKS can take advantage of its large overseas membership base to include international scholars visiting Hong Kong as speakers in this series.
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