Co-producing Trust between Young People and the Government in Hong Kong

Society for Hong Kong Studies is co-sponsoring a seminar with Center for Aging Science of HKUST  and Department of Sociology of HKU.

ABSTRACT: After the social movement in 2019, over 60% of Hong Kong citizens expressed their distrust towards the HKSAR government, and around 40% of local youth had low general trust to the community (HK PORI, 2019; Lai, et al., 2019). Restoring trust in young people is identified as one of ways to move our society forward by different sectors. Yet, how can trust be build, especially between young people and the government? With reference to the co-production principle, this study aimed to: (1) Identify key factors constituting to trust in government among young people (2) Identify strategies to build government trust among young people.

Methods: We adopted a mixed methods research, which consists of a qualitative and quantitative strand. Quantitative data was collected via an online survey (n=250). The team also gathered qualitative data by conducting interviews with social workers, secondary school teachers, principals, funders, government representatives, district council members and students (24 in-depth interviews with stakeholders and 7 focus groups with students). Logistic regression was used to analyses the quantitative data, and the template analysis was used to guide qualitative data collection and analysis.

Findings: Research result indicated that near 90% of the youth expressed not feeling confident in the government. Quantitative findings policy participation as a key predictor of trust in government. Qualitative findings expanded on the quantitative strand. Young people also sought to participate meaningfully in the design and delivery of public services. Meaningful participation is understood as participation opportunity that allowed young people to create impact to the society, that treated them as equal contributors of the society, and saw them as a contributor of public services but not a problem that needs to be “fixed”.

Implications: We recommend a youth program featuring the co-production principles to facilitate young people to contribute to Hong Kong meaningfully, so that trust can be co-produced in Hong Kong.

Date & Time: 19 Feb 2021, 2:30 – 4:00PM (HKT)
Format: Zoom (Online)
Language: English

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