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The Annual Conference of the Society for Hong Kong Studies provides the opportunity for professionals involved in the study of Hong Kong to share knowledge and new directions in research and practice.

Annual Conference 2021

Hong Kong in the Age of Global Crisis

SHKS Annual Conference 2021

The SHKS Annual Conference 2021 was held on 25-26 June, 2021 virtually. This year’s Conference also marks our first attempt at an entirely virtual conference. To our delight, despite the potential technical challenges of an online function of this magnitude, the event has conducted smoothly and served more than 16 sessions, 80 panelists and 300 attendees.

Annual Conference 2021 began with the timely and stimulating keynote speech given by Dr. John Burns, Emeritus Professor and Honorary Professor of the University of Hong Kong. Titled “Authoritarianism and Accountability in Hong Kong,” Dr. Burns shared his helpful insights in the intricate bureaucratic workings in Hong Kong.

After Dr. Burns’ talk, Annual Conference 2021 opened the floor for our panelists. Running two panel sessions concurrently at one time slot, this year’s conference hosted 16 panels in the course of two days, featuring a diverse set of subjects across multiple disciplines, including political sciences, sociology, literature, history and other much welcomed interdisciplinary works.

On the second day of Annual Conference 2021, our Society invited distinguished speakers, Dr. Yvonne Chiu, Dr. Ian Chong and Dr. Pei Minxin to share their thoughts on the geopolitical and international implications of Hong Kong current affairs. The plenary session introduces much appreciated and needed discussion of Hong Kong in the global political context.

For full conference program, please see here.

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