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Mar 23 2018


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

AAS Annual Conference 2018 Panel – Contentious and Identity Politics in Postcolonial Hong Kong

The salience and radicalization of identity politics in Hong Kong is one of the most unprecedented and unexpected changes since the end of Britishcolonial rule. Despite China’s economic enticements and intense efforts to promote patriotism, a variety of localist identities and movements have flourished in Hong Kong among a younger generation, with some activists making the once unthinkable claim for political independence. How does one analytically define Hong Kong and Hong Konger? This panel examines the multiple and contradictory trajectories of identity politics and value change in Hong Kong in the past two decades and especially after the Umbrella Movement laid bare the government’s forceful means to exert political control and revealed its determination to redefine the One Country Two Systems formula.

The first paper uses aggregate longitudinal data to document the public’s growing sense of political efficacy even as they register declining confidence in formal political institutions.

Another paper reinforces the panel’s focus on the evolution of diverse political identities as social movements and political regime become increasingly contentious.

Zeroing in on the spectrum of localist politics and identities, a third paper highlights the drastically changed relationship between a region and a political center. The final paper uses the transmission of Hong Kong’s collective memory towards June 4th 1989 to trace how a young generation of Hong Kong citizens gain diverse moral sensibilities and rapidly reposition themselves in face of a China that had turned from a nuanced cultural formation to an uncompromising political authority.

The PanelĀ 


Francis Lee
Chinese University of Hong Kong


Helen Siu
Yale University

Paper presenters:

Ngok Ma
Chinese University of Hong Kong
Associate Professor

Edmund Cheng
Hong Kong Baptist University
Assistant Professor

Malte Philipp Kaeding
University of Surrey

Francis Lee
Chinese University of Hong Kong


Sam Yuen
Lingnan University
Assistant Professor

Heidi NK Wang-Kaeding
Trinity College, Dublin
Assistant Professor


Aihwa Ong
University of California, Berkeley, California

Ray Yep
City University of Hong Kong


Hong Kong Localism: An Ideology of Resistance

Inter-generational Transmission Disrupted: Contesting Collective Memory of Tiananmen in Post-umbrella Hong Kong

Rethinking Movement Outcomes in Hong Kong: State Mobilization, Identity Struggle and Political Predicaments

Value Changes, Institutional Trust and Democratic Development of Hong Kong

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