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Public Forums

SHKS organizes public forums and provides the platform for scholars to exchange ideas. Through intellectual conversation, these public forums help grow the field of Hong Kong Studies.

Highlighted Public Forums


This symposium brings together researchers who have been engaging in the study of digital media and politics in Hong Kong, China, and the East Asian region to introduce their research projects and share their research findings. The aim is to showcase how a variety of available methodological approaches – ranging from conventional surveys to various “digital methods” – can be employed to address issues of theoretical and empirical significance. The symposium shall also provide a platform for interested academics and students to discuss the potential and possible caveats in the study of digital media and politics.

China-US Relations during Trade War Forum

Building on the popularity of the first forum in January 2018, this second installment of what will become an annual event featured three speakers – Tak-wing Ngo, Ray Yep and Ho-fung Hung — on Hong Kong-China relation in the context of the ongoing trade war between China and the US. About 50 scholars and students attended the lively discussion.

Public Forums

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