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SHKS regularly organizes workshops to offer academic trainings and encourage intellectual exchanges among scholars in Hong Kong Studies.

Highlighted Workshops

Work-in-progress Workshops

High quality scholarship is the life blood of an academic field. SHKS will organize regular (e.g. monthly or bi-monthly) workshops for members to present their works-in-progress and obtain comments before submission to journals or book publishers. Given their heavy administrative and teaching responsibilities, and the segmentation of academics into disciplinary departments, the organizational culture of universities in Hong Kong is not always conducive to intellectual dialogue and in-depth discussion of scholarly work. As an inter-campus space, SHKS can play an important role in elevating the quality of scholarship on Hong Kong.

Thematic and Methodological Training Workshops

The sustainability of Hong Kong Studies depends on the commitments and efforts of the next generation of scholars. SHKS will invite senior scholars from overseas and local universities to offer short-term (e.g. weekend, week-long, summer) intensive workshops targeting junior faculties and graduate students. These workshops will be organized around a substantive field (e.g. economic history or cultural analysis) or a research methodology (e.g. ethnography, big data analysis, archival method) and their application to Hong Kong Studies.

Past Events


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