A Perspective of Christianity on Civil Disobedience: A study of Hong Kong’s Occupy Central and the Umbrella Movement

Publisher:Splintered Light Press

Author:Chu, Ann Gillian


Issue Date:July 1, 2018

This paper argues that Christian churches should educate their congregants on sociopolitical issues, so that both the church and individual congregants can speak to the world prophetically, as a part of Jesus’ teaching in caring for the weak. Civil disobedience should not be the main means for the church to express social concerns. Rather, a godly life that witnesses Jesus as Lord should be how Christians exert their power to effect changes in society. This witness cannot be short-term, like civil disobedience is so often; it must be sustained and life-long.

Link to full article: https://research-repository.st-andrews.ac.uk/handle/10023/16165


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