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Hong Kong Culture and Society in the New Millennium: Hong Kong as Method

This book discusses the notion of “Hong Kong as Method” as it relates to the rise of China in the context of Asianization. It explores new Hong Kong imaginaries with regard to the complex relationship between the local, the national and the global. The major theoretical thrust of the book is to address the reconfiguration of Hong Kong’s culture and society in an age of global modernity from the standpoints of different disciplines, exploring the possibilities of approaching Hong Kong as a method …

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這十多年來,香港市民前仆後繼走上街頭,顛覆了港人政治冷感的形象,激發豐富的公共討論,同時突顯不少社會矛盾。當下耳熟能詳的概念如核心價值、公共空間、集體回憶、地產霸權、本土意識等,大抵緣於社運。這段充斥著希望和失落的「社運年代」是否帶來了根本的社會變革?本書探討香港社運的眾多議題,呈現抗爭政治的力量和束縛;18 位學者從各自的研究領域出發,以冷靜嚴謹的學術角度,為理解香港特區第二個十年,提供了現象之下的深層思考。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 社會運動這東西,沒有甚麼過時、不過時這一回事。但如果解讀新的抗爭,則確實需要對新的社會環境、參與者有所認識。讀《社運年代》讓我思想上產生震盪,打開了新的視野。 ─呂大樂(香港教育大學副校長、香港社會研究講座教授)   《社運年代》在抗爭暫歇的低潮期,重新定義了香港自身的政治存在。本書循著抗爭為中心展開分析,將庶民反抗經驗對照精英與建制,視佔領為行為藝術,以勇武作為意志的展演,皆極富創意。 ─吳介民(台灣中央研究院社會學研究所副研究員)   鄭煒和袁瑋熙近年發表的學術文章,已近乎是其他研究者必讀之作。此書填補了英 …

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Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Hong Kong

When Britain and China negotiated over the future of Hong Kong in the early 1980s, the main concern was primarily about the maintenance of the status quo. It was meant to be maintaining Hong Kong’s capitalist economy, upholding the rule of law, safeguarding freedom of speech, and retaining the existing way of life. As long as things were kept in the way they used to be, Hong Kong, which was expected to change from a British colony to a Special Administrative Region (SAR) in China on 1st July 199 …

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Media and Protest Logics in the Digital Era

Digital and social media are increasingly integrated into the dynamics of protest movements around the world. They strengthen the mobilization power of movements, extend movement networks, facilitate new modes of protest participation, and give rise to new protest formations. Meanwhile, conventional media remains an important arena where protesters and their targets contest for public support. This book examines the role of the media — understood as an integrated system comprised of both convent …

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