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SHKS regular organizes seminars to engage the public and encourage exchange between the academic community and the larger society.

Highlighted Seminars

Discovering Hong Kong’s Country Parks: Talk and Waste Audit Training for Students, Scholars, and Nature Enthusiasts

Society for Hong Kong Studies x Parks and Trails

1️⃣ TALK: Nature Conservation 101: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Hong Kong’s Country Parks

The 1-hour talk will cover (a) Hong Kong Country Park’s usage; (b) biodiversity and ecosystem services; (c) its significance to the health and well-being of the city; (d) the waste problem and the importance of Leave No Trace; (e) TrailWatch App incident reporting function and etiquette in nature. We will also introduce China’s climate change commitment and the development of national parks since 2015. In addition, comparison of national park/nature reserve policy and ecological protection in HKSAR.

Date: February 28, 2023 (Wednesday)
Time: 17:30 – 18:30 Hong Kong time
Format: Hybrid – Online (Zoom) + In-person (at Central)
Language: English

2️⃣ TrashTrack: Waste Audit Training for Eco-Champions

Join us on a Saturday morning for an immersive waste audit training that connects you with the beauty of nature and empowers you to contribute actively to its preservation. As volunteers, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to roll up your sleeves, clean up the trails, and document the rubbish you find using the TrailWatch App’s innovative data collection features. Through this training, you’ll learn valuable sorting and recording methodologies, analyze waste, and acquire practical skills.

Date: March 2, 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 – 13:00 Hong Kong time
Venue: University of Hong Kong (gathering point)
Language: Bilingual – English & Cantonese

Book Talk Series: New Directions in Hong Kong Studies

SHKS has embarked on a fruitful series of book talk on recent titles that have been published featuring the new works on Hong Kong since October 2022. The study of Hong Kong history, culture, economy, politics and society has begun to gain international attention and disciplinary recognition. This series will be the ideal venue to foster such an international and interdisciplinary knowledge community. We aim to promote accessible, intelligent, concise and scholarly books addressing themes of contemporary or historical interest to a worldwide readership.

Hitch a Ride on Water series

The Society for Hong Kong Studies was delighted to announce in February – March 2023 that a new event series called “Hitch a Ride on Water: Frank Fischbeck Collection” has been held, co-organised by WMA and the Society for Hong Kong Studies.

1️⃣ A Ride on Our Harbour 「順維港而行」Ferry Tour

The ferry tour ‘A Ride on Our Harbour’ aims to provide the most direct and first-hand experience to feel the pulse of the City and to understand the often neglected parts of the Harbour.

Guided by Dr. Sampson Wong 黃宇軒, the author of “Hong Kong Walking Studies” and urban researcher.

2️⃣ Archives: Responsibility, Accountability, Provenance Seminar

This seminar uses different examples of archives around the world to share their important values of identity, responsibilities, accountabilities and evidence, and to discuss how to use archives for our own research.

Speaker: Garfield Lam, University Archivist and Head of Archives, Special Collections and Preservation and Conservation, The University of Hong Kong

3️⃣ 【水之道:當今香港海洋議題研究的構造、處境與可能】講座

講座透過從議題研究與倡議經驗出發,探索本土海洋議題研究與其他 (如土地議題研究) 的特性

講者: 本土研究社成員 陳劍青

Global Hong Kong: Lessons from Elsewhere Series

SHKS and Global China Center of HKUST co-organized the “Global Hong Kong: Lessons from Elsewhere Speaker Series.” This Series invited speakers around the world, who share similar political and social challenges in their respective countries, to give talks on their experiences and teach lessons to Hong Kong people. The Series had a total of 8 public lectures, given by speakers from Northern Ireland, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Myanmar and attended by hundreds online.


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