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  • Workshops 2022

A Workshop Series: Immersive Approaches to Hong Kong Studies

This workshop series introduce different “immersive” approaches to Hong Kong Studies. We invite three prominent scholars, each employing creative practices in their research, and hope to bring innovative perspective to how we may study Hong Kong. The workshop series has a total of three seperate sessions led by Dr. Daisy Tam, Dr. Joseph Li and Dr. Sampson Wong respectively.

Dr. Daisy Tam from HKBU will shed light on the importance of the immersive methodologies of the Arts and Humanities (tool kit of critical theory and fieldwork) applied to the design of a web app (Breadline) and demonstrate the importance of having scholars (not STEM) in the driving seat of technology for a human-centric design.

Dr. Joseph Li from Hang Seng University will share his findings in Hong Kong Studies through the lens of affective theories.

Dr. Sampson Wong from CUHK will show how navigating and exploring the urban built environment of Hong Kong shape his research agenda.

Date: 19, 26 May and 2 June 2022
Time: 1600 – 1730
Location: Online via Zoom
Language: English

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Date & Time
19, 26 May and 2 June 2022